Name: Boef
Location: Riel, Netherlands
Type: European shorthair
Activities: Sleeping, catching mice
Favourite food: Lettuce
Scared of: Chickens
Cuteness: 9
Naughtiness: 8
Cuddliness: 6
Craziness: 6
Weirdness: 10
Submitted by: Neeltje Drijfhout


Boef has a habit that is kind of weird, well a lot weird. He owns a couple of toy mouses like very cat. He plays with them like any normal cat. But once in a while he puts one mouse in the toilet, ‘drowns’ it in the water by rolling it over a couple of times, dragging the wet, smelling after toilet, mouse through the house to dump it on our bed in the morning. Sometimes it is not wet enough, he will go back, repeats the drowning and brings it for the second time.

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