Name: Darcy
Location: Telford, UK
Description: Petite tabby cat. Very light, less than 3kg but no pushover.
Activities: Hunting and sleeping on snuggle devices
Favourite Food: Lamb – preferably raw
Scared of: The vets
Cuteness: 9
Naughtiness: 5
Cuddliness: 4
Craziness: 3
Weirdness: 2
Submitted by: Louise


Darcy is rather aloof and will cuddle on her own terms. My other cats will sleep with me or sit on me but it’s a very special day when Darcy chooses to make biscuits on you or come and sit with you.

But for some reason when I have a shower Darcy will politely sit outside the bathroom door as a little loaf cat, wait until I am out the shower and mrrp to let me know she is there and when I open the door in my bath towel and hair towel she will do a little upside down flop against the wall and then demand that I sit down on the landing and let her climb on me.

If I don’t do this, or move away too soon she will bat at my feet demanding I return to this position and let her cuddle me. She can stay there for 10-15 minutes but usually I have to get up and get dressed before she’s done sitting on me and my Terry cloth towel purring away.

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