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By submitting Content (words, lists of things that make you happy, definitions, ideas or concepts) via the Happy Page form (or any other forms on the site, like How to be a Cat, the Sad page, the True Love page, the Friendship page or the Beautiful Word Delivery Service) you are giving us permission to use it for commercial purposes, i.e. to have it appear on this website, on Facebook, or to include it in books, on cards or other stationery or gift products, or in digital format, as well as any marketing material for our company or projects. We will not give you credit for it (e.g. if it appears on our Facebook Page, you will not be credited for it). Likewise, nowhere shall we publish your name or email address.

Repeating this, but more formally, when you submit Content to lastlemon.com, you agree to grant Last Lemon Productions a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully sub-licenseable, non-exclusive global license to copy, distribute, adapt, sell, display publicly, perform publicly and make derivative works of your Content on lastlemon.com, or on services affiliated with lastlemon.com and elsewhere (including but not limited to the internet, print, video, audio and other digital media), irrespective of the form of media used, or of whether such media or services are currently in existence or are developed in the future.

By submitting the Content to lastlemon.com, you hereby declare and warrant that you have the right to post that Content and to grant the above-mentioned rights to Last Lemon Productions.

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Special Note regarding our Happiness/Sadness/Love/Friendship/Word projects: We receive thousands of submissions every day. We cannot do them all!