Name: Lucy
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Description: White and brown very active Arabian Mau
Activities: Running around the house, scaring her siblings
Favourite Food: Tuna!
Scared of: Vacuum cleaner
Cuteness: 9
Naughtiness: 10
Cuddliness: 10
Craziness: 10
Weirdness: 10
Submitted by: Lucy E.C.L


Meet Lucy, the snuggle bug.

But wait… Is it the cat-food commercial snuggle?

Nooo it is the “I will walk all over you for 100 times but do not even think about touching me peasant” kind of snuggle.

She will come to you with the puss in boots eyes to trick you into thinking that it will be a quiet “sleeping on your lap and purr” kind of thing.

But as soon as you allowed her on your lap, she will walk all over you non stop, nibbling you and use your lap as her scratching board.

When she finally settles down and you thought it’s all over, she will use you as a launching pad to pounce on her poor unsuspecting siblings.

Is she the queen of chaotic energy?

She sure is!

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