Add your cat to our Who’s Who

It’s simple and free.

If you feel so inclined, you can also add A STORY about your cat. If it’s good, we’ll illustrate it and post the illustrated story to our Facebook page. We’ll also email you a print-resolution version of the file.

    Great - that’s the end of the WHO’s WHO form.

    If you’d like to submit it without a adding a story (or if you have submitted a story in the past), scroll to the bottom of this page and click SUBMIT.

    If you’d also like to submit a story, scroll down.


    We’re not sure exactly where we’re taking the stories. One destination could be a compilation. By submitting a story, you’re granting us the right to publish it to our Facebook page, and wherever else this project takes us, for example in a book.

    In exchange for an accepted submission, we’ll email you a print resolution version of the story and illustration.

    Your story must be well-written, with proper punctuation and no typos, and a maximum of 800 characters (so keep it short!).

    When we say it should be a STORY - it could just be an account of one of your cat’s most weird or endearing habits - but we do love dramatic anecdotes that have a beginning, middle and end - and they’re very satisfying to read!

    Give it a go :)

    We receive a lot of submissions – so we will not inform you of whether your story has been accepted or published – you’ll just need to keep an eye on the Facebook page.

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