Happiness is… 10 Favorite Smells

March 5, 2015

What are your favorite smells?
The ones that remind you of home, take you back in time, or the ones that you still encounter everyday? Below are 10 you might relate to. Tell us yours in the comments below or on our Facebook page and we’ll try illustrate them.

[1] The smell of coffee first thing in the morning.
Sometimes you start looking forward to it the night before, yes?

[2] The smell of a new book.
A smell that contains romance and adventure, human vulnerability and resilience, glory, tragedy, happy endings and everything in between. Crikey.

[3] The smell of bread, straight out of the oven.
What is the source of that delicious aroma, what magic lives in the baking bread? etc (this is rhetorical but if you know, do say.)

[4] The smell of a new car.
Takes you back to being a child in the shiny-upholstered-leather-backseat of a new car… and then you remember you are now actually a grown up, and you’re driving your brand new Porsche. Or perhaps a Ford Focus rental.

[5] The smell of woodsmoke.
Always associated with good times. Days later, when your sweater still smells of it, others may run from you – but you will want to hold the fabric to your nose, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

[6] The smell of the earth just after it has rained.
Breathe in, breathe out and feel connected to the life-giving rhythms of nature.

[7] The smell of freshly-cut lawn.
Suburbs, lawns and white picket fences may give you the hives, but there is something so invigorating about this smell. It evokes a weekend morning, facing the new day with the sun on your face.

[8] The smell of my mom’s perfume.
Ysatis by Givenchy, oh yes. Probably the most evocative smell on earth (if your mama wore it too).

[9] The smell of a baby’s head.
A sensation as much as a smell, of softness, of love, of all goodness (especially if the baby is sleeping).

[10] The smell of the ocean.
A smell that travels in tiny airborne drops of salty water? A smell that diffuses maladies and softens all edges? Come on disbelievers – proof of magic!

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