About Mahoney Joe

I was conceived in Cape Town, born in London and breast-fed in Northern California. Can I be your friend?

– Mahoney Joe

Comments from visitors to the site:

“I LOVE the BADASS Bunny. I can totally relate. Thank you for showing us more of her.”
– Rose (Arizona)

“Found your site accidentally. Just what I needed. Accidents can sometimes be awesome!”
– Tiina (Helsinki)

“Cheers me up almost every day! It’s awesome!”
– Mădălina (Romania)

“I am standing in my kitchen in Amsterdam (cooking an evening meal) whilst reading your ‘grey day go away’ story. Just what I needed after my (light) grey day! I’m a big fan of your stories. At a card shop in England (I came over for a holiday) I found myself laughing out loud when i saw your cartoons on post cards. So after buying them all (well, two), I signed up for your mailings and they still are a great little break at work!”
– Nynke (Amsterdam)

“Love the site.”
– Petra (Cape Town)

“Amazing site. I’m yearning for more!”
– Doc (Koblenz, Germany)

“Loving the Badass Bunny Series!”
– Dan (London)

“More more more Baaaadass Buuuunnnyy!!! ..please”
– Russell (dunno where)

“The Badass Bunny! Luvit.”
– Carol (Cape Town)

“I LOVE the badass bunny. Gimme more!!”
– Rose (Arizona)

“More badass bunny please”
– Russell (dunno where)

“I LOVE THE SITE, lots of laughter to cheer up a shit day in a shit city…”
– Gary (Toronto)

“My new favorite addiction”
– Tanya (US)

“OMG, I am laughing at the lost fart story!”
– Sue (Oregon)

“I like weird! I think I’m a little weird.”
– Marie (SA)

“I have new faith in the humour from distant shores.”
– Jayne (UK)

“My new favourite site. Wish there were 10 cartoons a day instead of 1″
– Sarah (Seoul)

“Why is everyone using the word awesome? There are others that describe the funniness of this site like: wonderful, amazing, impressive; mind-boggling, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, excellent, marvelous.”
– E (South Africa)

“Wait! Awesome is the best word”
– E (South Africa)

“Love them all.”
– RF (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“Like, way cool!”
– Blue (Auckland, NZ)

– CP (Romania)

“Magnificencia a la potencia. Inspiring.”
– JV (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“I love it, love it, love it!”
– Karen S. (Jozi, SA)

– Darren (NYC)

“Very highly awesome:)”
– PM (Portland, OR)

“The sheer awesomeness of this ultimate daily cartoon is awesome…
No, really”
– Matt (South Africa)

“truly awesome;)”
– Nina (Poland)

“Its seriously the ultimate cartoon!!! Awesome!!!
– (Swati)

– ZY (South Africa)

– J. Seligman (Mountain View, CA)

– P. Edwards (London, UK)

– O. Duluc (Antibes, France)

– A. Swanepoel (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

“Totally awesome!”
– A. Hirata (Tokyo, Japan)

“Like so awesome!”
– R. Hobbes (San Francisco, CA)