is a series of children's stories about the funny things only kids do.

Other Books in the series

  • Cuddly Wuddly

    Cuddly Wuddly

    “Cuddy Wuddly cuddled lots
    She would even cuddle SOCKS.

    Now, MANY children love to hug,
    Little darling snuggle bugs,
    All these children we adore!
    Always happy to hug more.

    But what if something really SCARY
    Needed cuddles? Something hairy,
    Lurking in its darkened lair…
    Cuddly Wuddly – do you DARE?”

  • Noisy Woizy

    Noisy Woizy

    “Born Noisy by name, and by nature too
    He just got LOUDER, as he grew.

    Now a LITTLE noise is well and good
    ALL children make noise, and so they should
    It’s fun to clang and bang and shout
    That’s what childhood’s all about.

    But HE was the one who wouldn’t STOP,
    A kid so loud, eardrums would pop,
    Cacophonous clatter of world renown…
    Noisy Woizy!! Keep it DOWN!”

  • Grabby Wabby

    Grabby Wabby

    “Grabby Wabby was the best
    At snatching stuff before the rest.

    Of course some kids just cannot WAIT
    To grab a toy or fill a plate,
    Make sure they get an extra share
    Of that LAST chocolate eclair.

    But there is one, with nerve and flair
    To grab where others daren’t dare –
    She grabs with speed beyond compare!
    It’s Grabby Wabby…EXTRAORDINAIRE!”