Can you guarantee delivery dates?
We can guarantee the SEND date, not the DELIVERY date. Because we use good old USPS, there are absolutely no guarantees that the recipient will get it on an exact date (this is the ‘beauty’ of snail mail!).

Can you guarantee that all envelopes will arrive?
Again, since we use regular USPS hence cannot guarantee all will reach their destinations.

Can I request specific images?
Right now we unfortunately cannot take requests. Possibly this might change in a month or two.

Can I pay by any other method beyond Paypal?
Nope – only Paypal at present. Hopefully this will change soon.
But remember, you can pay by regular debit or creditcard on Paypal.

Explain “Purchaser can be anywhere – recipient has to be a US address”?
We can take payment from anyone with Paypal, but we can only mail the notes to US addresses.
So even if you yourself are outside the US, you can purchase them as a gift for someone in the US.

Will you share my email address with third parties?
No – we will not share your email address with any third parties except employees and software contractors that (a) Need to know that information in order to process it on lastlemon.com’s behalf or to provide services available on lastlemon.com website, and (b) That have agreed not to disclose it to anyone else. More details on our Protection of Information here.

What is your privacy policy?
We take privacy extremely seriously – this is a link to our privacy policy.